Diorevolution collection of Dior handbags continues the wide straps of the fashionable elements. And the iconic logo decoration is also very recognizable at the front center of bag. It is like a fashion statement with a strong personality inscribing with the imprint of the classics!The Dior Diorevolution Pack (Dior + Evolution) is more than just a small bag, a shoulder bag version, a handle pocket version or a Croisiere WOC version. You can change its style in your ways.
Appearance Design
In the past, Dior didn’t have a boldly designed bag like this – there weren’t oversized Dior logo being decorated in the front of the bags. However, Diorevolution used a large Dior letter in front bottom center which is more bright and brand-friendly.
The DIOR logo is actually made on the slot handclasp on a larger leather belt. It can be carried by hand in the hand slot and it is very easy to carry. When close the flap, there is a window to show the logo. And you can hold the bag through the leather belt which offers a unique feeling.
The leather shoulder strap is a popular element— wide shoulder strap. Through adjustable strap, customers can adapt to different body types. Of course, you can also choose not to wear a shoulder strap for the removable shoulder strap. Then the Diorevolution becomes a handbag which you can take it in your hand, of course you can also clip it under your arm, as long as you like it.
Most Diorevolution handbags are available in solid color, minimalist design (except logos) and worn gold accents. This is definitely a stylish atmosphere without losing the elegant dior handbag.
If you don’t like a single color, or you might want to change a fashion strap style that can add a chic look to your bag.
Angelababy with red Diorevolution
Internal structure
The bag is simple. When open the leather flap, huge main space is able to store the necessities for daily use. And the zipper clouser pocket may offer you a safe place to keep your value things.
Price and size
Size: 22.5 x 14.5 x 6.5 cm, priced at 1,800 euros and 1,650 pounds through the Dior boutique.

This bag has changed the style of the past lady, the neutral design is more handsome, and it is the first choice for many fashion street shooters. But I always think this bag is a bit dull. From the appearance of the package alone, Dior logo seems a little flop. While, the quality and technique is perfect. And this bag takes soft leather or rare leather as its material which is luxury and modern. Relatively speaking, I personally prefer low-key bags. While if you really addict to it , own one may be a better choice. Do as yourself, without hesitate.