Why is the luxury bag sold so expensive? In addition to brand value, what should be its worth? . Let’s take a look at the Diorama handbag as an example.
The first link: selection of materials
Diorama is generally made of lambskin. Relative to calfskin, lambskin with small area has a large loss when making bag, So the original price is high.
It is precisely because of the superior skin, the leather is smooth, full of luster, and it isn’t easy to find flaws on the surface. The texture of the leather is even and the luster is full.
Of course, there are many improvements in color. Moreover, as the brand is updated, more and more rare leathers are used to make bags providing customers with more choices.
The composition and cutting: the craftsman draws a mark on the material to facilitate cutting.
The second link: hand-made bulges
At first, people may think that the craftsman was building the construction, however, he was actually making the classic Cannage. This design is inspired by the Napoleon III seat, which appeared on Christian Dior’s first personal fashion show in 1947.                                                                                                                                                            Nowadays, the classic Cannage is newly interpreted on the Diorama handbag: the delicate silk thread and the unique texture, and the oversized line pattern is clear and full of architectural beauty. If this link is not handled well, like Diorama, the leather surface will be uneven, which will affect the beauty. Experienced technicians need time to settle, so the cost will be high.

Hardware fitting
The third step: wipe the universal glue
Don’t underestimate the glue. sticking it with glue and then routing, the edge of the bag will be very neat. The environmental odor glue has a small, and is not irritating to human body.
Sticking a piece of leather with a metal buckle to the handbag, the outline of the handbag has come out.
The craftsman is working on the leather seal
The fourth link: routing

The high-end bags must be evenly distributed, which is the place where consumers can intuitively feel the quality in addition to the leather.
The fifth link: Auxiliary material shaping
Diorama’s shoulder bag is also called a styling bag. In order to have a shape, it is necessary to add accessories. Good accessories are moderately soft and tough, which makes the bags not only sturdy but also durable.
The sixth link:Oil side
Dior logo: Hot Stamping/ Embossed                                                                                                                                                  In order to protect the edge and the beauty of appearance, the bag should be oil-edged almost three times. It is a process that often takes long time.
Of course, the production of bags is not limited to the above six links. But from these six important production steps, the value of a luxury bag is obvious.