The Diorama chain bag is low-key exuding a unique,refined and elegant charm which is very classic and full of futuristic. If a bag can light a person’s temperament, there is none except this Diorama bag. The mouth-style chain bag of neutral style can increase the handsome and elegant temperament of women.
If the Lady Dior bag is an elegant endorsement, then the Diorama chain bag is a symbol of handsome!
Chain Diorama flap cover bag: simple experience
The classic Cannage rattan stitching pattern evolves into a futuristic Micro-cannage and a modern three-dimensional Archi-cannage on this flap. The divided shape is not messy, but a bit of a flowing beauty. The square package is very eye-catching, and the dignified and elegant temperament is radiated from the inside out making your dress glamorous! There are two fixed metal ring chains on the top that can be pulled at will, which expands the range of use of the bag.
The design of the interior of the handbag is also very reasonable, a zipper pouch and an open plat pocket can make items in an orderly way.
Size comparison
Large: 25cm x 15.5cm x 8cm
Small: 21.5 x 13 x 8 cm
From the color point of view, the most popular colors of the Diorama bag are black, gray, and blue, which are simple but not monotonous! Diorama series chain cover bag Archi-cannage rattan plaid pattern, as well as the new logo metal buckle (shield lock or round CD lock) design is absolutely low-key luxury has connotation!
Careful design and exquisite leather craftsmanship capturing the hearts of girls
The handsome diorama flap chain bag, which also focuses on attracting women’s attention to the brand craftsmanship. In fact, the material and manual details of the bag, especially the metal details are very beautiful, and the Diorama is also more humane bag.
The chain straps are stylish, but it also put a lot of pressure on the shoulder. Diorama solves this problem perfectly: the comfortable leather on the location of shoulder and the adjustable design make the bag more intimate.
As the spokesperson of Dior brand, Rihanna (singer, model, designer or songwriter ) is definitely a loyal powder of Diorama. She owns at least four Diorama bag.
Olivia Palermo
Marion Cotillard
Emmy Rossum
There is also a small perfect detail that is the bottom is recessed. This concave design can avoid the bottom wear that is unique. From the side, the bottom forms a small triangle, which is very chic increasing the capacity of the package.
In addition to the regular models, many special styles: engraving elements, spliced elements or colorful patterns are created on the basis model.Except the soft lambskin, crocodile skin is another fashion style that is quite welcome.