The 3 Best Mattress Choices For Your Bedroom And Why

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When shopping for a mattress, it helps to know what some of the more complicated jargon mean. Besides that, picking the right mattress type and size is as vital as ever, seeing as how the prices will change substantially depending on how large the mattress is. For optimal sleep however, studies have shown that the bigger your mattress is, the better your sleep will be, especially if you’re sharing it with someone else. An upgrade from a single or double bed to a king size mattress might be the right way to go. When it comes to mattress types however, things get a little more complicated.

visco-elastic-layer-of-a-memory-foam-mattressFor instance, it is more than likely that you’ve heard of memory foam mattresses and how good they are for relieving pressure on your back. A memory foam mattress is topped with a visco-elastic layer, which is why they’re often known as visco-elastic mattresses as well.

While, a memory foam mattress is generally more expensive compared to say, an innerspring mattress, there are some pretty decent budget options available too. This is the best memory foam mattress that we’ve come across so far, but it’s rather pricey at $600+. You do not necessarily have to go for a $600 memory foam mattress when there’s barely any differences compared to a $300 version however. Since the most important factor when determining comfort is the top most layer of the mattress, it simply isn’t worth it to fork out twice the amount of money to get better “lumbar support” or better yet, a hybrid version.

What your body needs is just sufficient support for the back and the rest should be focused towards comfort instead. Heck, any memory foam mattresses out there will almost always be more than sufficient when it comes to providing the right amount of support for your back. After that, you’ll do well to consider the comfort that each of them offers you. How comfortable a mattress feels can be difficult to measure without actually testing it by yourself, and the only way to test it is to go to a mattress store and ask specifically for it.

a-thick-mattressSince memory foam mattresses tend to vary quite a bit in terms of their firmness and quality, it would help a lot to see and try them for yourself. A particular mattress model might have raving reviews of how comfortable it is but it might not necessarily suit someone who’s much larger or heavier as they’ll simply find it too firm. A thicker mattress is a must for heavy people and this is precisely why it’s a bad idea to depend entirely on the reviews of other people.

It would certainly be a bad idea to spend some $300 just to find out that the mattress isn’t that suitable for you after a few days or weeks of use. Most mattresses will usually have a limited return policy so make sure you get to know that it says before you purchase any of them.

If comfort is your primary concern in choosing a mattress, an innerspring or waterbed might suit you better. These are well known as the softer types of mattresses that offer optimal comfort especially if the right models and thus firmness are picked. While I do not personally have anything against memory foam mattresses, the significant portion of these mattresses is denser and sleeps hotter too, which can be a problem if you live in a hot country like I do. In fact, spring mattresses are just a lot more popular in my country for this very reason and that might be the case for you too.