2 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

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Many homes that we come across these days are way too overdue in terms of refurbishment. This comes as no surprise as a lot of people these days are just not bothered to change the way their homes look. Laziness is an incurable disease for a lot of individuals and it is really frightening how people can be satisfied with the current state of things and have absolutely no motivation to improve it. Some people are even said to suffer from chronic laziness. If you are one of these people, you should really think again if you want to be like this for the rest of your life or if you want to revamp your life. It is seriously not that difficult.

Add color to your home


Your first step is to think of what your favorite home theme or color is. Our advice to all of you is to be dull. Not literally but you should think of a few colors which are not one of the bright hues and which are pleasing to your eyes. This color or these colors will be used as your base color; that is, for your floors or tiles and the walls.

Next, think of a vivid color which you really adore. This will form the color contrast that you will use to create the mood for your home or just a particular space in your home. Orange is generally a good color to pair with white. The color contrast is simply quite amazing. Try it for yourself. We can guarantee that you will absolutely love this. Other good colors to pair with white or darker colors are yellow and red. These bright colors will not fail to change the look of your home. You can also consider adding different color furniture to your home based on the changing seasons and make your neighbors and friends so envious each time they pay a visit to your home.

Apart from this, you may also paint the inside of a cupboard that you use to put your regular clothing in with an adventurous color for that bit of freshness each time you open the cupboard. Once you have done this, you might even find yourself opening your cupboard just to take in the refreshing feel even when you do not need a change of wear.

Another technique which you may employ is to pair up the pillow you use to sleep every night with a second or third pillow which has your favorite color. These additional pillows can be small pillows which you place on your bed just to bring a different and interesting look to your bedroom.

Dress your floors and walls with things


Your second step would be to buy and place some new things in your home. One way to alter the outlook of your home is simply to purchase some nice looking rugs or carpets which have exciting or bold patterns and place them in your home. As you have probably guessed, the keyword in the earlier sentence is ‘some’. Please do not buy ten or twenty of these rugs or carpets and put them everywhere. And if you have adults or children in your home who are allergic to dust, you should not put too many in your home.

Since your curtains also need to be washed every now and then, you could also change the curtains in your home to bring out a new look. As above, bright color curtains help to make your home look more interesting and sometimes they have the effect of making your home look more spacious. It has been tried and tested by many and it works wonders for small homes.

Having some paintings or portraits on your home walls will also help with freshening up your home. This has a stronger effect especially if you have a lot of empty walls in your home. Again, do not overdo this. Otherwise, your home will look like a museum and look really cluttered.

Another unconventional but effective way to add some style to your home is to build some shelves on your home walls. Open concept shelves work best as you can place your collectibles on these shelves and let your guests admire them. If you have some prized possessions, glass shelves work best as you can allow your guests to admire them and at the same time, you can take comfort that they will be more out of reach than open shelves.